Engineering=Job Guarantee+High Pay Package! Really??

“Study hard or you wouldn’t get a job!”

I believe every child has heard this some time or the other in his/her childhood. But another fact is, many of them on growing up and having successfully completed their education, and a coveted degree in hand..are still unable to get their hands on a job.

In today’s highly competitive world, where one can be sure of nothing, one also can’t be sure of a good education leading to a job.

Also, what after landing a job? Is the job going to pay you enough to support yourself?

Many parents in India believe, and make their children believe that doing a professional course is going to be their path to a successful career and a life of comfort. Engineering tops in the list of these considered to be sure shot ways to success. But does that stick true?In a country, which produces about 1.5 million engineers per year, where do they get absorbed?Definitely not in firms looking for Engineers.Around one-third of the students graduating as Engineers in India face the harsh reality of unemployment. Many are forced to pick up jobs which are much below their qualifications. While the others are forced to go for higher education, which again doesn’t guarantee a job.

Well, everyone talks about the students who didn’t find employment. Lets talk about those who did.And when we talk about those who did, we mean those who found a job in their field.

The newspapers keep reporting students of some top colleges who got a package of a Crore (10 Million), students cracking jobs in top firms and so on. Firstly, one should never forget that they are talking about a student from a top University. Secondly, they are talking about a Top firm recruiting him.But the most important point here to note is that 90% of the engineering students are not pursuing their courses in these universities and less than 1% of the total engineering students land up with such high paying jobs in such Firms. Most of the Engineering students end up with pay packages of about 2-4 Lacks that too if they are fortunate.

Now if we do cost analysis,quite a huge percentage of these students have completed their studies from Private universities where they pay 4-5 times the fee charged by Govt. Colleges. Lets leave that aside for a moment and concentrate on the monthly expenditure an average Engineering student might have while in College.The hostel and mess bill should come to about 6k-10k, eating out, clothes and other monthly expenditure should come to about we are looking at an expenditure of about 15k per month( when talking about some one who is having a really modest lifestyle) without even having included the College fee. Considering that Engineering students (most of them) usually come from well to do families,the monthly expenditure is much higher.

So getting a job at the end of 4 years of college, which pays you 15-30k per month, is it justifiable. And trust me, most of the people will be at the lower limit and not the higher limit.After putting so much of money into tuitions, coaching centers,Universities, and sometimes even the management quota in order to get this shiny degree of an Engineer,does it really pay off? Is it value for money?

For a person, who was having a monthly expenditure of 15k as a student, landing a job which pays him 15k a month,does it help?Especially when he’s no longer a student and hence is not staying in a hostel with a mess and has many additional bills to pay? Many while reading this would say he should be thankful that he’s atleast getting something when many are unemployed and starving. But is that how we wish to explain the exploitation that Engineers face?Accepted that there is more supply than demand for Engineers in the market. But that does not negate the fact that they have paid a hefty sum to get their degrees. And landing a job after all this to not be able to support one’s own self doesn’t sound too rosy. There’s hardly any difference in the pay packages of Engineers and the people who work in Call Centres, who might have just completed School.

Now again, people say that it will pay off in the long run. Really? Does it?


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